Agreement for Temporary Staff Members

Agreement for Temporary Staff Members

1. About The Temp Centre (Sencity Investment Limited):

  • All enquiries contact Dione on DDI: (04) 473 6833 Mobile: (027) 5777 730.

2. Timesheets & Payment

  • The deadline for submitting your timesheet is Monday at midday (12pm)
  • Timesheets are to submitted by email to
  • Payment will be made weekly, electronically into your account no later than Friday morning.
  • Payment may be delayed if timesheets are incomplete, inaccurate or illegible.

3. Dress Code

This will be discussed for each assignment, but a clean, tidy, high level of personal presentation is always expected.

  • Office: Smart, corporate, conservative standard of dress at all times.
  • Wait staff: White, ironed, button-up shirt with a collar. Smart black ironed trousers, no jeans or leggings. Black polished closed shoes (no trainers, high heels or boots, with no markings). Plain black socks. Please ensure all nail varnish and body piercings are removed and tattoos are covered.
  • Kitchen Hand: Tidy dark clothing. No jeans. Safe non-slip shoes.
  • Chefs: Must have Chef Whites, Knives and shoes

4. Illness & Absence

Please ensure you give NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS notice if you are unable to work an assignment. This is important so we have time to find someone to cover your shift. Please contact us on:

DDI: 04 473 6833       Mobile:  0275 77 7730

5. Assignment Acceptance

  • A consultant or SMS messaging system will be used to contact you with information about up coming assignments. Your prompt response will increase likelihood of employment.
  • Upon an assignment you will receive confirmation details via SMS or Email outlining the details of your assignment. You will be required to send confirmation of acceptance of the assignment.

6. Conditions of Service

1.1. The Company is a personal consultancy which provides services to a third party. The company employs me as a temporary Employee to work on Assignments for the Client.

1.2. a.  The Company will ensure confidentiality of personal details and confidential information.

b. The Employee will provide confidentiality of personal details and confidential information including remuneration at all times.

1.3  I agree and fully understand that:

  1. The Company’s offer(s) of Assignments may be intermittent and I cannot be guaranteed full time, ongoing employment by the Company; and
  2. My employment with the Company terminates once an Assignment is completed without any further Assignment having been offered and agreed to be undertaken by me; and
  3. Prior to signing the above agreement I have been given a reasonable opportunity to seek independent advice; and
  4. The Company will not always be able to give me a reasonable opportunity to seek independent advice before agreeing to undertake an assignment due to the nature of the work being at short notice.

1.4  I have read and fully understood the above Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them on each and every Assignment I undertake on behalf of the Company.