Conditions of Service

Temporary Staff Placement


  • The Temp Centre makes every effort to ensure the integrity, reliability and working standards of all members of its Temporary staff team but does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss, expense, damage or delay arising from the performance of any member of its staff. The Temp Centre accepts assignments short and long term. However, The Temp Centre does not accept responsibility for any inconvenience, loss, expense or delay on any such occasion when Temporary staff are unavailable.
  • Temporary staff are supplied on the understanding that all Accounts are strictly nett 7 days.
  • A permanent placement fee is payable should a temporary be employed permanently by a client (or an associated organization) in any capacity within six months of completing an assignment.
  • Similarly, a fee will be charged should a Temporary be engaged directly by the client and offered a temporary, part-time or casual position.


  • Hours worked have been recorded correctly
  • There were no injuries sustained
  • The temporary is paid only for actual hours worked
  • Any acceptance of a position; whether temporary, permanent, part-time or casual; with The Temp Centre client will not take place without informing The Temp Centre beforehand.
  • Remuneration may be delayed if timesheets are incomplete, inaccurate or illegible.
  • Remuneration will not be paid without signatures from the temporary and the client.