21st February 2017

Meet the Team

Business Manager

I have been a Hospitality Professional now for most of my working career.

I was keen to join the team here because this Agency is an institution without peer having been in business for over 45 years now in Wellington, the first place any Hospo outlet calls when wanting quality staff without peer. We only believe in having the cream of the crop in Temping Hospo staff and supplying the crème de la crème of restaurants, cafes, sporting venues, wedding venues and catering outlets, to name a few.

I am passionate about providing Great Service and looking after the Customers needs and now look forward to bringing that passion and strength to the Temp Centre and its long term Clients.

I would love to hear from you if you need the best Hospo Staff or indeed are looking at joining us as a Temp or Perm Hospo staff.

My mobile is 0275 777 730 or email jobs@tempcentre.co.nz


Anita Tóth – Office Manager

I started working for The Temp Centre as a temp and have since progressed into my current position as Office Manager.

I am really enjoying the extra responsibilities and pressure this role offers, my duties now include consulting with clients, interviewing new candidates and filling job orders.  Having worked as a temp as well, it’s really interesting being on the other side and learning the different procedures and expectations of both clients and temps.

If you’re keen for some work or want to know more about what we do at The Temp Centre, pop on down to the office, I’m always up for a chat!